Audits and Consultancy

Aster specializes in providing comprehensive audits and consultancy services for total water and waste management. Our expert team conducts thorough assessments to evaluate and optimize water usage, treatment, and waste disposal practices. Through meticulous audits, we identify areas for efficiency improvement and sustainability. Our consultancy services extend to developing customized strategies that align with environmental regulations and industry best practices. Choose Aster for reliable insights and tailored solutions, ensuring your organization achieves excellence in total water and waste management.

Pollution License Consultation:

Aster offers expert guidance throughout the Pollution License application process, ensuring businesses successfully secure Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate. Our services encompass document compilation, regulatory compliance, and navigating procedural requirements set by environmental authorities.

SWID License Consultation:

In the realm SWID License, Aster’s consultation services focus on facilitating businesses to acquire licenses for efficient and compliant. We provide guidance and documentation to ensure adherence the regulations.

Fire License Consultation:

Aster’s consultation services extend to Fire License requirements, where our experts guide businesses through the licensing process, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. We prioritize comprehensive solutions, offering expertise in documentation and procedural adherence.